At Rising for Justice, we seek to build a better tomorrow by teaching law students to be life-long advocates for justice.

Rising for Justice’s law school clinics allow students to develop practical and fundamental lawyering skills while providing legal representation, assistance, and counseling to clients in the District of Columbia. Students from D.C. law schools participate together in the Rising for Justice clinics while receiving academic credit from their own institution. Rising for Justice’s civil clinic, focuses primarily on housing law. The clinic provides students with a unique opportunity to practice law in the context of a dynamic legal services program with dedicated and intensive attorney supervision.

Over the years students from the following law schools have benefitted from our clinical program, actively representing clients in the District’s courtrooms and in other forums. 

We strive to train each of our students to be the best litigators and advocates for our clients and instill in them a spirit of public service. Our students take from us an experience, an education, and an ideal about the way the world should work. They help people navigate the often treacherous and terrifying waters of the justice system. Together we can ensure a fair justice system for families and individuals at the most important and dire time of need – when housing and liberty are threatened.