For thousands of men and women in Washington, DC, a criminal record is a substantial burden that thwarts their best efforts to thrive.

A criminal record presents challenges to re-entry into free society, including barriers to securing housing, professional licenses, financial aid, citizenship, public benefits, admission into the military, education, and employment. Research shows that successful record sealing and expungement can significantly reduce recidivism rates, increasing a person’s opportunities to succeed.

Rising for Justice’s Expungement Program partners with pro bono attorneys to provide free legal counsel in order to make it possible for residents of the District to pursue the complicated legal process of clearing their criminal records. The program is one of the few in Washington, D.C., where individuals with criminal records can seek free attorney representation to seal their criminal records and put the past behind them.

We value our Pro Bono Partners and see volunteering as a pro bono attorney in our Expungement Program as one of the most fulfilling ways to use your law degree to give back and make a profound difference in someone’s life. You can learn more about pro bono opportunities here.

  • For additional information about our Expungement Program, please contact us at expungement[@]risingforjustice[.]org
  • For information on how to get help clearing a criminal record, please click here.